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Meta Platforms Inc.: Is Facebook Fading Away? Should we be Worried?

Facebook Inc. is now Called Meta

Facebook Inc. is now Meta Platforms Inc. The day was Thursday 28th October 2021 when Facebook Inc. changed its corporate name to Meta Platforms Inc.

Should we be worried about this change? Of course, we should be although Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg downplayed it.

Cyberspace is rapidly evolving and I’m going to explain why Facebook’s change to Meta is a succinct example and why you should be concerned if you’re are a Facebook lover.

And going forward, many other big online brands may follow suit.

meta platforms inc
Meta Platfroms Inc.’s logo

No doubt, Facebook has revolutionized the way people interact. Almost everyone and any online and offline businesses are on Facebook.

Whether you’re using Facebook for social networking or business, you must be alive to the fact that the online space is evolving almost daily and you must be prepared for abrupt changes.

Just like the Coronavirus brought the whole world to an unforeseen standstill and changed how we interact forever.

A few days before Facebook changed its name to Meta,, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp (which are owned by Facebook Inc now Meta Platforms Inc), were inaccessible.

Many lovers of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram could not come to terms with the social media blackout. They were sooooo much bored and could not hold their anger.

The blackout could have been because of Facebook Inc, now Meta Platforms Inc was changing their Domain Name Servers (DNS) to reflect the name changes.

Or, Meta Platforms Inc was testing how influential and dominant it is.

On average, a typical person spends 5 hours on the minimum utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

And some businesses are run fully on these social platforms therefore if anything happens to them, their businesses would be made redundant.

Twitter remained the only major social media site that was operational.

So, why the Change from Facebook Inc to Meta Platforms Inc?

Facebook Inc. (now Meta Platforms Inc) is facing many legal battles in the USA owing to the way they access and use people’s data.

Meta Platforms Inc. is facing massive criticism on the way its content and channels are exposing vulnerable communities, employees, businesses, and individual persons to harm.

Toxic political content and hate speech, social-media-led propaganda, social bullying, and an-authorized access to users’ private data are some of the key factors driving that criticism.

Meta Platforms Inc. is under investigation by Congress and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

US lawmakers have appealed for an urgent course of action to tame Meta Platforms Inc’s negative influence.

Nearly two decades ago when cyberspace took shape, there were no cyber laws to govern the digital world.

That is the time the current online giants like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and later Instagram and Whatsapp were getting started. Now we also have new platforms such as TikTok.

In most countries, there were no laws to govern the use of social media.

Besides, these social platforms were just starting and they were limited on technology. Close to 20 years since then, they have advanced their technologies in order to have a bigger impact.

In addition, they have diversified. From the beginning, Facebook (Meta Platforms Inc) was meant for social networking but it has now advanced into other frontiers.

And one reason the Meta Platforms Inc. CEO’s gave for a name change to Meta was to allow users to see the wider business picture of Meta Platforms Inc and not just social networking through its founding product Facebook.

Because of the negative side of social media, governments have been forced to enact laws to tame the negative influence of social platforms.

Nowadays, we have laws that compel digital brands such as Meta Platforms Inc (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and all other websites online to seek a user’s consent on collecting their personal data.

Websites (online businesses) have been forced to have privacy policies, terms of use, and cookie policies among others although they differ from one geo to another.

For example, cookies are tiny snippets that online brands place in people’s browsers to monitor and track their browsing activities. They collect essential data in the background without the user realizing it.

Nowadays, when you visit a website, you will most likely get a cookie policy requesting you to accept, all or part of their cookie policies.

They give you a chance to review what information they will be collecting from you through cookies and you have the right to accept or decline.

Similarly, privacy policies and terms of use of websites explain in detail the extent of data a website will collect from a user and how they wish to use that data.

Besides, they must offer a guarantee on how they will safeguard that data.

Social networks and other online businesses are expected to tame hate messages and sharing of harmful content although practically, its proving to be challenging.

Meta Platforms Inc’s major social site Facebook has come up with stringent measures to regulate how advertisers are using their platform.

Besides, other free users have to comply with new regulations of avoiding messages of hate, bullying, racism, and transmission of other harmful content.

This is a work-in-progress and it will take time to implement this.

Why the Change to Meta Platforms Inc should Get Us Worried

Meta Platforms Inc says the change from Facebook Inc to Meta is meant to reflect the company’s wider business outreach and not just its traditional social media site Facebook.

The company seeks to become a virtual universe where people will roam freely as avatars, attending virtual business meetings, shopping in virtual stores, and socializing at virtual get-togethers.

That is what they say but the bottom line is Facebook, now Meta Platforms Inc has been hit hard by legal battles and criticism because of some of their negative influence.

They won’t tell you this. Facebook (as a brand name is on murky waters) and it could sink any moment.

A single US law, could in the future cause Facebook to shut down.

Besides, owing to the criticism, Facebook was shunned by their key customers (advertisers) and that negatively affected their fortunes (stocks and income).

To stay afloat, they had to change their name to Meta Platforms Inc.

meta platforms inc ceo
meta platforms inc ceo

Meta Platforms Inc. is controlling the global social cyberspace through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

Were they to be shut down, the whole world would go into a social media blackout and we would be forced to start over and look for new ways to interact socially online.

It would be like how Coronavirus pandemic shut the whole world down and forced us to adapt to new living practices (new social order).

Therefore, as a Facebook lover, you must be worried about Facebook’s change to Meta Platforms Inc.

Besides, have you ever wondered what would happen if the whole internet was shut down. There would be no social media and cyberspace and we would be back to the dark days.

It sounds unreal, but with the corona example, nothing is impossible.

I’m not trying to get you scared but just preparing you to be alive to the fact that unforeseen changes could one day occur in cyberspace and you must be prepared to live with them.

Well good luck with using Facebook, I mean Meta Platforms Inc’s social media platform.

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Have a cheerful day Meta Platform Inc, I mean Facebook  user.





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