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You’re now on track to realize your dream lifestyle. The Super
Star Guide is your blueprint for success. Our goal is to help you reach the rank
of Super Star in 200 days or less, putting you on the path to Purple Diamond.
Super Star is the goal. Freedom is the destination.
Achieve the rank of Super Star = Earn $2,500 USD per week and
$125,000 USD per year!
QuiAri provides the ultimate support system for new Promoters looking for
the education, motivation, and inspiration necessary to build a successful
QuiAri business.

QuiAri offers many areas of support:

Check out quiari business plan tutorial.

• Teaching and Training – the What, Why, and How of building
a successful business
(what to do, how to do it, and why do we do it that way).
• Motivation – to keep you and your team excited.
• Inspiration – to help you grow.
• Communication – to keep you informed at all times.
• Calendar & Events – to provide an infrastructure of meetings,
events, and functions in order to support your team locally,
regionally, nationally, and internationally.
• Branding & Promotional Items – so each Promoter can have pride
in what they do & take a sense of ownership.
Let’s get started on your journey to Super Star and beyond!

The Number 1 Rule: Duplication

If you want to have BOTH money freedom
and time freedom in Relationship Marketing,
you must learn the Number 1 Rule:
It doesn’t matter what works FOR YOU,
it matters what can be duplicated
You might have certain skills and be able
to achieve things in a way that works
FOR YOU, but if those skills cannot be
duplicated, then your new Promoters are
NOT going to succeed.
The key? Keep it simple and easy.
Systems will Duplicate through every level
in your business…exactly the same way.
Whether your group is local or 1,000 miles
away, it must work exactly the same on
Level 1…or 101.
Duplication is about having a large group
of people performing a few simple tasks
CONSISTENTLY over a sustained period
of time. Without duplication, you will keep
losing more people than you can bring into
your team.

If your strategy consists of fancy “sales
strategies,” it will not duplicate. If the
process is too complicated, it will not
duplicate. If it requires too much time, it
will not duplicate. If expert knowledge
is required, it will not duplicate. That is
because people will quit before they ever
learn enough to start having success.
Success without Duplication is only
TEMPORARY and is mere failure in disguise.
MLM Pros live by Duplication. They develop
Leaders who also live by Duplication.
Remember, you CANNOT sell or recruit your
way to the top of the Compensation Plan.
You must DUPLICATE Your Way To The Top!
You MUST become SYSTEM dependent, not
people dependent. Use the Systems to build
your business. Let People build relationships.
And again, always remember:
It doesn’t matter what works FOR YOU,
it matters what can be duplicated

4 Steps To Success with quiari business for home

It is our desire to see you properly launch your QuiAri Business. By guiding you in taking certain steps,
we can help assure that you get off to a Fast Start, which will attract others to QuiAri.
Personal experiences, while extremely valuable, have proven to be one of the most NON-EFFICIENT
ways to learn. A much better approach is to simply model after those who have already accomplished
the results your desire.
The principles of the 4 Steps to Success have produced some of the top incomes in Relationship Marketing!
Your ability to accept, learn, follow, and teach the 4 Steps to Success, coupled with a positive attitude,
will largely determine your own success in QuiAri.
The entire QuiAri system is based upon mastering and duplicating these 4 Simple Steps:

quiari business for home

Step 1 : Invitation

Build a List of Prospects
Write down the names and phone numbers of everyone you know who would like to:
• Make extra money
• Lose weight
• Have more energy
• Look and feel younger than ever
This is everybody you know!
We call this your “Warm Market.” Your Warm Market knows you and trusts your judgement;
they will be willing to listen as you share. Relationship Marketing is built on just that,
“RELATIONSHIPS.” Prospects say “Yes” because of B.L.T.
They Believe you, Like you, and Trust you. Friends do what Friends do.
Help your Personally Sponsored Promoters invite and stay in their Warm Market. Most people
know at least 500 people by their full name. With a Team of only 5 Promoters, you have a Warm
Market List of 2,500 Prospects to invite!
Warm Markets = Hot Commissions
If your Marketing Strategies consist of prospecting leads from a “Cold Market” source, (meaning
those with whom you do not have a prior relationship) you are now Marketing to “Strangers.”
It may generate temporary sales, but it will not Duplicate.
Do not leave any person off your list. A quick list of 25 people who you are close to, and feel
most confident in approaching, should be the first people on your Prospect List.
Add to your list daily as you realize that everybody will be open to hearing about the Products
and interested in developing a second income.
90% of a successful invitation is Excitement — the other 10% is knowing what to say. Don’t
try to explain the entire opportunity; simply spark your Prospect’s interest by asking a brief
Invitation Question.

The invitation should only take 15 seconds or less. The less you say, the more you make. If
you try to explain too much, your Prospect will almost never join.
Invitation Question:
“Do you know anyone that is interested in making money, losing weight,
having more energy, and looking and feeling younger than ever?”
• Encourages Prospects to look at BOTH the Product and Business Opportunity
• Develops your Promoter and Customer base at the same time
• Do NOT prejudge as everyone deserves the opportunity to hear about
QuiAri’s Products and Business Opportunity
• Do NOT alter the Invitation Question
It is an undeniable fact that the overwhelming majority
of people are interested in BOTH better health and wealth.
It’s a great idea to have a supply of Product Samples in
order to allow Prospects to: Try. Love. Share.
It is highly recommended to provide a 1-day sample of
Shake and Energy. They will love the fantastic taste and
how they feel after only 1 day! If your own Product Story
is compelling, many Prospects will sign up immediately
even without trying a sample.
When a Prospect indicates they are interested,
proceed to Step 2.

Posture is really knowing what you really have and believing it. You never approach a Prospect
with a scared attitude like, “I hope I don’t get rejected.” Your attitude should always be “Whose
life can I positively affect by offering them the QuiAri Opportunity?”
People with Posture will immediately approach the most successful, busy, and professional
people they know. They do it with Confidence and Belief, and they do it expecting a positive
outcome. They understand that Relationship Marketing is the Dream Business, offering:
• Unlimited income potential
• No big upfront costs
• No employees
When you recruit, you must recruit with Posture.
Confidence is contagious and will act as a magnet for Promoters who will Produce;
namely, successful people who understand Business. You never chase them or beg them.
You simply offer them the Opportunity to get involved with something extraordinary –
something far superior to the job or business they are currently engaged in.
So, do not wait until you are earning the Big Bucks to approach successful people. Do not wait
until you are earning five figures a month to project how big your checks really could be. Know
and believe in what you really have, and present it accordingly! Playing “small ball” is not helping
you. And waiting for success, before you approach really successful people, will not help you.
A Steinway piano is still a Steinway piano, whether you have learned how to play it or not. A
Ferrari is still a great performance sports car, whether you know how to drive it or not. And
Relationship Marketing is still the best way for someone with no experience, little money, and
a BIG desire to accomplish their dreams.
Even if you just started your QuiAri business yesterday…even if you haven’t earned your first
commission check yet…that in no way lessens the huge potential Relationship Marketing holds
for YOU. You have the best Business Opportunity in the world. So start acting like it!
Don’t diminish what you have to offer by being weak. Relationship Marketing has been
around for 80 years. It is proven and has helped people fulfill dreams worldwide. Wear that
confidence proud and know that you have your hands on the Business Opportunity that has
helped millions of people just like YOU to live happier, more secure, and rewarding lives.
Always remember, without low points, there are no high points. Without failure, there is no success.
So do it…with Posture!
• No overhead
• Be your own Boss
• Work from Home

Step 2 : Presentation

Great News!
In order to build a successful Business, you do
NOT need presentation skills. You simply have
to direct your Prospects to the presentation.
As a part of QuiAri’s Free Tour Marketing System,
Bob Reina, QuiAri’s Founder and CEO, conducted a
professionally pre-recorded presentation which covers:
• Hottest Global Home-Based Business Opportunity
• Perfect Timing and Positioning
• Proprietary Products Featuring the World’s
New #1 Superfruit, MAQUI
• Testimonials From Real People With Real Results
• Fastest Payout in the Industry — Same Day Pay —
Commissions Paid Within 5 Minutes
• The 7 Ways to Earn in the Compensation Plan
• Free Tour Marketing System
• The Proper Way to Get Started
It explains EVERYTHING so you don’t have to, and it’s available 24/7, 365. Plus, it’s translated
into many different languages.
This Presentation is only 20 minutes long. With URGENCY, invite your Prospect to watch it
right away, or ask how fast can they watch it. Simply be prepared to call them back right after
they watch the presentation. DO NOT WAIT! This will let people know that this Business
Opportunity is moving fast, and that swift action on their part is CRITICAL.
Other Ways to Introduce the Opportunity:
One-On-One Meetings
Home Tasting Parties
Opportunity Meetings
If you choose to host a one-on-one, home meeting or Group Opportunity Presentation,
you should always use QuiAri’s Corporate-Approved Business Opportunity Presentation.
This Presentation can be located in your Portal and is translated into multiple languages.


Step 3 : Follow-up

The purpose of the 3-Way Call is to:
• Establish a relationship with the Prospect
• Answer any questions they may have
• Help them become a Promoter or a Customer
It is very important that you always have your Sponsor or
a member of your Upline on the call. Edify this person’s
success in QuiAri and then pass the call on to them.
Your job is to listen to your Sponsor or Upline as they
talk to your Prospect. It is very important that you LEARN
the proper way to lead a 3-Way Call, as you will be doing
them on behalf of your Team soon enough!
On each 3-Way Call, after introducing your Prospect to
your Sponsor, your Sponsor will tell their Story within
2 to 3 minutes. Your Story and Product Testimonial are
among the most important aspects of any 3-Way Call.
There are 3 basic parts:
1. Your life before QuiAri
2. Your life now with QuiAri
3. Your future because of QuiAri
Your Story should always include
your “Why” for doing the Business.
For example: spending more time
with family, earning extra income, etc.
Your Prospect will emotionally connect
with the reasons why you are doing
the Business.
First Mover Advantage
Always remind your Prospects of the “First Mover
Advantage.” When your Prospect decides to
register as a Promoter, they will lock in a position
ahead of those who come in later. This allows your
Prospect to inherit 100% of the Business Volume and
Income from those enrolling after them.
“First Mover Advantage” is a powerful way to help
people who are on the fence about the decision to
get started. It creates a sense of urgency, which is
critical. If you ask anyone who waited to get into the
business and did not take advantage of “First Mover
Advantage,” you will hear first-hand what a painful
experience it was for them to lose all that potential
business just because they were indecisive.
How to Close Out the Call:
1. Can you get very excited and ask everyone you know if they want to lose weight,
have more energy, feel and look younger than ever, and make money?
2. Can you direct them to the Free Tour Marketing Presentation where everything is
explained for you, so you don’t have to?
3. Can you follow-up with somebody on your team to help answer any questions?
Remember, your goal is NOT to do an Opportunity Presentation at this time.
These calls should take no more than 10 minutes.
This is one of the simplest things to do, but most
people drastically underestimate its importance. To
“Edify” simply means to “build up,” or “relate” the
positive traits and abilities of a person. As such,
you must always edify your Sponsor, your Upline,
and your Team. You should not edify yourself;
some people call that “bragging,” and your
Sponsors cannot edify themselves. You can
edify them and they can edify YOU!
One of the smartest things you can do to
quickly build your Business is to massively
edify your Sponsor and the successful ranks in
your Upline. You should absolutely rave about their
Dedication, Loyalty, Support, and Success. The more
you edify your Sponsor and your Team, the more your
Prospects will pay attention to them, treating them
like “experts”…following their advice…and taking action.
Here’s why:
Your friends and family will believe things from
strangers (Your Properly Edified Sponsor or Active
Upline) that they will not believe coming from you.
So, if you want to start really fast and get the best
results, get your Sponsor or Upline Partner in front
of your Prospects and let them do the follow-up
3-way calls.
Conversely, if your Sponsor were to “cold call” one
of your friends, neighbors, or co-workers and try
to recruit them, more than likely it would not work.
Remember, this is called “Relationship” Marketing
for a reason!

If you try to do the Follow-Up 3-Way Call and Business
Opportunity Presentation by yourself, you will fall victim to the
dreaded “cannot-be-a-relationship-marketing-expert-in-yourown-town” syndrome. What this means is that your friends,
family, and co-workers have a pre-existing opinion of you; good
and bad. They know every mistake you ever made and will not
initially regard you as “an expert” in either QuiAri, or as a person
who can lead them to financial freedom.
But your Warm Market WILL trust you enough to listen to an
invite and watch a presentation. If they are interested, they will
agree to have a conversation with your Sponsor or Upline to
answer any questions they may have. And, because you’ve already
said you are new to the Business and do not understand it all yet,
you have edified your Sponsor or Active Upline as an expert. As
such, your friends, family, and co-workers will hear and believe
things from them that they would not hear and believe from you.
They will take about 5-10 minutes to share their story and
answer some questions. That’s all there is to it. It’s the secret
to getting off to a really fast start.
Over time, while you are learning how to do the follow-up call
from your Sponsor or Upline, your own skills will be getting better
and better! You will be gaining confidence and recruiting new
Promoters to your team.
Remember, always edify your Sponsor and Upline. This is the way
huge organizations are built! It’s a completely warm market, nonthreatening, and most importantly, it can be easily duplicated!

Step 4 : Get Plugged In

Anybody Can Enroll— but Success is Optional.
YOU choose it by your ACTIONS. Plugging into this proven System is an ABSOLUTE must!
TELL ME … and I forget.
SHOW ME … and I remember.
INVOLVE ME … and I understand.
Promoters are never more excited than the minute they join.
Their success will ultimately be determined by your ability to DUPLICATE 2 things:
1. The 4 Step System
2. Yourself (Through Those You Enroll in Your QuiAri Business)
It’s important to realize that no matter what you do, the new Promoters you bring into your
team WILL duplicate most of your habits; the good ones AND the bad ones. Remember,
the spotlight is on you 24/7. As their Leader, whatever type of example you set for your
team will be mimicked – just like children copy the actions of their parents.
You must BE what you want others to become.
Your number one priority is making sure
that everyone on your team knows and
teaches The 4 Steps to Success.
Just by Personally Sponsoring 2 people
and teaching them to do the same, your
team will grow at an exponential rate. This
is the Power of 2. If your business is not
duplicating like this, you and your team
are NOT following the System.
The only true measure of a team’s strength
is the number of Leaders in it who are
duplicating and teaching the system.

Define Your Dreams &
Determine Your “Why”
If you have a big enough “Why” you can accomplish
anything you set your mind and heart to do. The most
successful Promoters clearly define their “Why” by asking
questions like: What really motivates you to pursue the
Always remember, Reasons come first; Answers come
second. Lead with your heart and desire. This will
motivate and propel you to ACTION.
1. Write down your dreams.
Define where you want to be in the next 2 to 3 months. In six months. One year.
Where will you be living? What type of vacation will you be taking? How will your
lifestyle be different?
2. Remind yourself of your dreams at all times.
Find PICTURES of the people, places and things that define your dreams and display
them everywhere you can. Place them on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, your
desk, your car, and everywhere else you spend time. As they say, “Seeing IS Believing!”
3. Vocalize your dreams with your loved ones, your Sponsor, your Upline and your Team.
This helps you stay focused and committed. It will also help teach your Personally
Sponsored Promoters to set concrete goals in order to achieve their own dreams.
4. As you build your QuiAri Business, always remember your “Why.”
Focusing on your “Why“ leads to Action, which leads to Success, which leads to
Achieving your Ultimate Dreams. It’s important to know the “Why” of your team, too.

Because if they follow your advice and call their Upline (You) for moral support when
they are feeling down, you can use their “Why” to help motivate them: “You know, Jim,
I remember you said once that being able to send your kids to private school was a huge
motivator for you. Can you tell me more about that?” And from there, the conversation will
almost invariably inspire Jim by reminding him about WHAT he’s working for and WHY.
There are 2 requirements — and only 2— to building a big Relationship Marketing business.
They are:
1. Having a Dream
2. Trade 5 to 10 hours per week to achieve that Dream.
You need the Dream because, without it, you won’t be able to find those 5 to 10 hours.
You need the 5 to 10 hours per week because that is how much time it takes to start the
Here is a secret that will make or break your new Promoters within the first 2 weeks:
We are creatures of habit; we replace old habits with new ones. You and your new
Promoters are already using all 24 hours of every day. Probably in the same way, day after
day, week after week, month after month.
But having a Dream…an all-consuming, driving Dream… pushes you to find the time
necessary. The new way in which you spend your newly-found time will create your
new habit. However, if you waste this time just “getting ready to get ready,” then those
all-important first 2 weeks will have gone by and nothing will have happened. For your
new Promoters, their excitement will fade… and their dreams will drift further away.
Conversely, what would happen if your Prospect took “Action Steps” in their first 72
hours? You know, like inviting Prospects to learn more about QuiAri. Small successes will
occur, people will sign up, and momentum will shift! You’ll see excitement increase, good
habits form, success will take route, and your future will blossom!
Clearly, the place to start is to have a dream and OWN IT. Something your new Promoter
saw got them excited. Find out specifically what that was. When the “Why” is big enough,
the “How” comes easily. Find out their “Big Why” and that 5 to 10 hours to work the
business every week will magically appear.
Encourage and guide your new Promoter to work those initial 5-10 hours a week and
watch what will happen in your business. You will have a Leader in the making.

Dreams, Goals, and “Why”
Anything great that has ever happened has been powered by “The Dream”. If you have a big
enough dream, you can accomplish anything you set your mind and heart to. Not only do you
need The Dream, you also need the willingness to trade the time to bring it to life.
Do you know what your Dream is?
Ask yourself:
• What really motives me to pursue the opportunity?
• “Why” do I want it so much?
New Car
New Home
Financial Freedom
Luxury Items
Early Retirement
Helping Family
Career Change
Imagine you just won 5 million dollars. What would you do first? What would you do or buy
with all of that money? Be specific:
Now is the time to put your dream to work!
Be Debt-Free
Time Freedom
Extra Income
Vacation Home
More Family Time
Travel The World
Education Expenses

Set Goals
“A goal is simply a Dream with a date on it.”
Build a Model, then Duplicate the Model.
1. Get Active
2. Get Qualified
3. Get on AutoDelivery (SAVE 10%)
4. Get Paid in 5 Minutes
To become Qualified, you must Personally Sponsor
2 Active Promoters. One will be on the Left, and the
other on the Right side of your Business.
We suggest you accomplish this within the first
72 hours of registration.
Because Leaders:
1. Lead By Example
2. Get People Started Properly
3. Create A Culture Of Speed
You should be an example for others to follow. Remember, your Prospects and Promoters
will copy what you do and NOT what you say.
Once you’ve become Qualified, you are now eligible to earn in all 7 ways of the
Compensation Plan. Your next step is to help your Personally Sponsored Promoters
also become Qualified within 72 hours. This is the most important goal for each of your
Personally Sponsored Promoters.
Do not pass GO until this is accomplished.

The 20/20 Vision for Super Star in Less than 1 Year
Countdown 200 – A Foundation for Super Star
Set the goal to get qualified in 72 hours and help those that you Personally
Sponsor do the same. Then, repeat this 20 times Left and 20 times Right to
build a foundation to reach the rank of Super Star.
Maintaining 100 Product Packs Left and Right equals $10,000 USD per month
or $125,000 USD per year! Set the goal to accomplish this in your first 200 days.
Consider this — By talking to 1 Prospect a day, for 200 days, here is an example
of what could happen:
With a ratio of sponsoring 1 out of 5, here is what you can expect:
5 Prospects a week = 1 Personally Sponsored
1 month = 4 Personally Sponsored
200 Prospects = 40 Personally Sponsored in 200 days (or 20/20)
Why it’s SO Important to Have 20 Left and 20 Right:
Most people that you will bring into the Business will promise to produce. Not all
of them will. It’s important for you to know this is OK. The System has planned for
this. It is built into the program. Out of 20 Personally Sponsored Promoters, only
half will ever do anything.
Production you can expect from 20 Personally Sponsored Left and Right over a
200 day period:
• 10 to 12 will be Active
• 6 to 8 will be with you long-term
• Only 3 to 4 are “over the line” and READY RIGHT NOW
The numbers don’t lie. But it’s OK. People quit important things all the time.
They quit on their hopes and dreams, their marriages, their jobs. The reasons
“why” are not important.
But you can dramatically lessen the number of people who quit by getting them
STARTED PROPERLY, and having them take ownership of their Business from the
very beginning.

1st Goal within 72 Hours: Sponsor 1 Promoter Left on AutoDelivery,
and 1 Promoter Right on AutoDelivery. You
are now Qualified.
2nd Goal within 72 Hours: Help your Personally Sponsored Promoters
become Qualified themselves.
3rd Goal: Personally Sponsor 20 Right and 20 Left on
AutoDelivery and help them become Qualified.
Ultimate Goal: Help 4 Legs accomplish 20/20 and you will have
the foundation for becoming a Purple Diamond.

quiari business for home

Commitment: What it Really Means

Simply writing down your goals does not guarantee
your success. For Goals to lead you to your Dreams, you
must remain committed to your “Plan of Action.” Many
people start – but real Pros – finish what they started.
Be committed to being a “Finisher.” Vow to invest some
of your Time, Energy, and Financial Resources into your
Business. Doing so will increase your level of success.
Plus, the success levels of your future Promoters will
increase as well.
Here are the Two Most Important Components of
Commitment Necessary to “Make It” in the Business:

Your 1st Commitment
Work The Business at least 5 to 10 hours a week. This
is simply what it takes to make it successful. You really
can’t do it in two hours. You need at least five. So you
must commit to at least that.
Doing the business is actively prospecting and working
the System, or helping someone on your team do the
same. These are the “rainmaker” activities guaranteed
to create Growth, provide Momentum, and produce
Income. So commit yourself to 5 to 10 hours a week.

Your 2nd Commitment
Work the Business for at least one year. How many
people drop out in their first two months? How many
give up after three months? How many times have you
been involved in a business in the past and quit before a
full year was up?
The truth is – success in Relationship Marketing involves
a 2-5 year plan. People just don’t get rich in four or six
months. It takes Time and Commitment to locate key Leaders
and train them. There are no shortcuts, plain and simple.
Some may think that a 2-5 year commitment seems like
a long time. But what about the 45-YEAR commitment
your regular job is asking from you? And where do you
think you’ll be financially at the end of those four-and-a-half decades? Something to think about, isn’t it?
While a one year commitment of your effort won’t
necessarily make you rich, it is a great point to evaluate
your progress. We believe that if someone really follows
the 4 Steps To Success and really works the business at
least 5 to 10 hours a week for a year, they will be at a
place where they won’t want to stop.
Your Future is in Your Hands! Agree to working the
business for at least 5 to 10 hours a week, and agree
to do it faithfully for at least one year.
Sound Like a Plan?

Building Depth — Finding and Empowering
Hidden Leadership
Why do some people build huge organizations and earn
residual income, while others continuously work but
never reach success? The difference is Building Depth
in your organization.
Working “under” your Personally Sponsored Promoters
is known as “Building Depth.” It has to do with being
intimately acquainted with ALL the people on your
team – not just the ones YOU know and no matter
what level they have achieved.
This is Critically Important to Your Success
The reason why most businesses fail is that the Upline
does not identify and recognize their potential Leaders
in their group. They are only concerned with the
numbers in their Downline or what their Volume is.
They fail to key in on their most important asset:
Their Hidden Leaders.
At best, most are only working with their Personally Sponsored
Promoters. To succeed, you must identify and closely work with all of
your leadership; regardless of what level they have achieved. This is
the only true method of building large, long-term income streams.
Assume the responsibility of getting your people off to a fast start.
Your goal is to assist ALL of your Promoters — both those you
Personally Sponsored and those “hidden in the depths of your team”
— to get Qualified. Be sure to team up with them in the first 72 hours
as this is a very critical time in their business. This sets the stage and
the tone and determines whether they approach their business like
a real business…or just a hobby. Assist your people in building their
initial Prospect List. Do whatever it takes! Because working closely
with your Promoters will allow YOU to build rock-solid legs that can
create residual income.

Next, direct your attention to those
“Leaders of Tomorrow” that you want
to fully engage. During the process
of identifying them, you should find
yourself drilling down under each of
your legs, until you are 15 to 20 deep
in Active Promoters.
Your responsibility is to dig deep, find
the most excited new Promoters,
and get them started properly. If they
are not interested in moving at an
accelerated pace, that’s ok. Be patient
with them and help them establish
more conservative goals. Keep in touch
with them, you never know when their
situation may change.
The key is to devote the majority of
your time to the ones who are most
serious about getting their business
off the ground. Remember, you cannot
assume that they know what to do or
how to do it. Working to drive your
legs deeper causes excitement and
momentum for the whole team.
One more thing to remember: Always
Duplicate The Leader. A Leader,
backed by a Leader, backed by a Leader
solidifies ongoing activity and promotes
future growth.
Lead By Example
Teach By Example
Start Growing Them
By Showing Them

How Do You Identify A Leader?
Leaders are identified by their actions. They
are plugged into the 4 Steps to Success
and teach their group to do the same.
As you build “in depth,” you will be
able to identify today’s Leaders,
and the potential Leaders of
tomorrow because they
exhibit the following
set of characteristics:
• Have a “Dream” and know their “Why”
• Always maintain a positive attitude
• Are good listeners
• Are always consistent
• Put others first
• Have high moral values
• Follow and teach the 4 Steps to Success
• Committed to showing the Business Opportunity on a regular basis
• Attend local, state, and national events and trainings
• Are a Product-of-the-Product
• Lead by example
• Constantly edify their Upline, Downline, and the Company
• Develop a solid Customer base
• Never pass “negativity” downline
• Find solutions to any problems
Once you have identified your key people, the best long-term investment of
your time will be in teaching and guiding these leaders. The key to attracting
Leaders with these qualities is to be a Leader yourself.


Free Tour Marketing System: Quiari Business for Home

On top of the fastest payout—just 5 minutes
– and one of the highest-earning potentials in
the industry, QuiAri also provides Promoters
with a FREE Tour Marketing System that
works for you 24/7, 365 days a year!
Here’s how it works:
When people visit our Free Tour Landing
Pages and enter their name, email, and
phone number our system gives them a free
temporary position for 7 days as a “Prospect.”
As other people take the Free Tour, they
are placed one-by-one in what we call the
Money Line. If your Prospects want to start
earning off all these people, they will need to
in their position!
The Free Tour includes:
• Custom landing pages
• Real-time reporting
• AutoResponder follow-up campaign
• And more!
While the system works for you, it’s
important to add your own personal touch
and personally engage with Prospects. You
should encourage them to act FAST. If a
Prospect beneath them upgrades before
they do, they’ll miss out on commissions
they could have earned if they upgraded first.

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Final Thoughts on Quiari Business for Home

Now that you know what to do, the only thing left is to DO IT — and TEACH IT.
Set Your Goals:
1. Get Qualified in 72 hours.
2. Help your Personally Sponsored Promoters do the same.
3. Repeat this 20 times Left and 20 times Right to build a solid foundation
to reach the rank of Super Star.
Do this and you just reached the rank of Super Star. Congratulations!
Maintaining 100 Product Packs Left + 100 Product Packs Right monthly =
$2,500 USD/week
$10,000 USD/month
$125,000 USD/year
Want MORE? Of Course, You Do!
Set a goal to reach Super Star in 200 Days, and you will be well on
your way to Purple Diamond!
• Always Follow the Super Star Guide.
• Validate Your plan With Your Active Upline.
• Stay Accountable DAILY.
• The Key to Reaching your Goals is CONSISTENCY.
• Feed Your Belief by Participating in ALL Events.
Stay Plugged in to Stay Fired Up! You Can Do It!

Become a Super Promoter, Join Today

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