Why you Should Join QuiAri as a Promoter and Work with Me.

What is Quiari?

QuiAri is a new MLM in the health and wellness industry and its present in 200 countries.

It’s headquartered in Brandon, Florida.

QuiAri has just two products in the form of a shake (powder) and tablets that have among others weight loss benefits.

Whilst the main use is for weight loss, the QuiAri products have other benefits too meaning they can be used by anyone irrespective of whether they want to lose weight or not. I discuss how you can join Quairi as a PROMOTER and how you can work with me.

The 90-Day Kick-Start Challenge Concept

Quiari’s business strategy is anchored on the 90-day kickstart challenge.

The challenge seeks to rally as many people as possible to have a taste of Quiari’s products and leverage from the many health benefits of Maqui berries whole extract and Maquix.

This is a global movement that is growing day by day.

By taking part in the challenge you’re joining a global community of enthusiasts who care about their health.

Besides, losing weight cannot be attained overnight, but requires a consistent step by step process and that is why the 90-day kickstart challenge comes in.

It can have a mental toll on you if you do it alone. However, by joining a community of others working on the same goals as you, you’re likely to push through and get the desired weight loss results.

As a promoter, you take part in the challenge by promoting it (spreading the word about the challenge) and earning a commission in return.

Besides, if you wish to lose weight, you can be a customer too.

Why Join Quiari as a Promoter/Distributor? How is it Different From other MLMs?

Let’s compare a few key points:

  1. Joining as a PROMOTER of the products is FREE, unlike other companies where you have to purchase Combo starter packs.
  2. You only have two products to promote with a broad customer base. Besides, you can sell the product to over 200 countries.  
  3. You’re given a free website and marketing materials (auto-responder and landing pages) that you don’t pay for. There are no monthly fees to maintain your website.
  4. QuiAri is built for speed while other companies will “not even get you there.”
  5. QuiAri pays commissions in 5 minutes- fastest in the world. Other companies make you wait for weeks or months. Which would you prefer? The more reason you need to work hard. No need to wait for ages to get your commission in your pocket.
  6. QuiAri pays your binary cycles with low volume requirements. QuiAri will be paying more commissions than any other company.
  7. QuiAri lets you earn $50,000 per week in Team Commissions for ALL Associates- even those just starting. Other companies limit your earnings to a few hundred dollars per day when starting out. This means other companies are keeping your hard-earned commissions. You can earn money in six different ways.
  8. In QuiAri, you can earn $50,000 per week in Team Commissions with only 1 business center. This means you only have to build 2 legs.
  9. In other companies, if you want to increase your earning potential beyond $500 per day, you have to build 3 or 7 business centers. This means you have to build 4 legs or even worse, 8 legs. Who can do that? Certainly, the average person cannot. No stringent requirements to earn commissions. Which one would you rather do? Build 2 legs and earn up to $50,000 per week or build 4 or 8 legs and earn less. The choice is obvious.
  10. QuiAri pays commissions on initial product orders and re-orders in the most advanced binary compensation plan In MLM. This creates more product volume running through the binary tree faster. This creates more momentum, more speed, and more commissions. Other companies pay re-order commissions in a separate compensation plan; generally a Uni-level. This slows down momentum and speed and creates an environment where your Team structure is competing against each other in the Binary versus the Uni-level. This is not good at all.
  11. In QuiAri, it is very simple to advance in ranks. It is built on volume- not having to meet tons of requirements.  In other companies, there are many obstacles, requirements, and got chased. The plan is intentionally designed to help you fail.

How do you make Money with QuiAri.

Why Work With Me?

Well, now you’ve understood what Quiari is, their business strategy and how to make money with it, would you like to join my team?

This is a business you build over time. You can decide to start by working part-time then go full blast once you’re comfortable to do so.

If you work with me, I will teach you three strategies I am using to grow my QuiAri business.

  1. I will teach you how to use YouTube Videos to attract both customers and promoters.
  2.  I will help you how to build a blog to promote your business.
  3. I will teach you how to set up your business on autopilot and let the system grow the business for you.

Well, this does not mean you will just sit. You will work in the background and continue supporting your auto-system to work for you.

These are ninja skills you can apply to your current or future businesses beyond QuiAri.

If you have been in the network marketing industry for some time, you will understand those who join you in the business are not mostly from your contacts.

With these strategies, you will grow your business beyond the borders (internationally) in all the 200 countries where QuiAri is present. The market is big enough.

To work with me, submit your application here:

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