How do I get Paid at QuiAri?

Making money money with QuiAri is as simple as you can imagine. QuiAri is driven by the strategy of use, love, share, and earn. Quiari has a unique compensation plan.

First, it is essential to understand how payment is calculated. QuiAri assigns Sales Volume (SV) on a product depending on the quantity bought. So we have Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and Group sales Volume (GSV).

There are five product packages and their SV’s:

  • Lifestyle pack that costs $500 which is equivalent to 300 SV.
  • The starter pack costs $250 which is equivalent to 150 SV.
  • KickStart pack that costs $125 which is equivalent to 75 SV.
  • QuiAri shake (28 serving) that costs $80 which is equivalent to 50 SV.
  • QuiAri shake (14 serving) that costs $42 which is equivalent to 25 SV.
  • QuiAri Energy/tabs (60 tabs) cost $45 which is equivalent to 50 SV.

Making money as a QuiAri promoter or distributor is through several ways.

First way you Make Money with QuiAri: Refer 2 and get a Get Free product credit

  1. You need to purchase products equivalent to 50 SV.
  2. You then refer two customers to QuiAri and each of them purchases products worth 50 SV.
  3. You and the two customers you referred need to have activated auto-delivery (monthly package).
  4. You qualify for product credit that does not exceed $112. The credit be used to order a product.

Second way you Make Money with QuiAri: Fast Start Bonus

You Make Money with QuiAri by referring others to buy QuiAri products; this can be a customer or promoter. On any initial order of the person you referred, you earn 20%.

For example, you refer a customer who buys say a QuiAri share (28 serving) at $80 and QuiAri Energy at $45. They both total to $125. You will earn 20% which is equivalent to $25.

Similarly, if the person you referred was a promoter and bought say a KickStart pack that costs $125, you earn 20% of this which is $25.

Remember, fast start bonus is earned only on customers or promoters your personally referred.

Third way you make Money with QuiAri: recurring commission on personally referred customers

Remember the previous example in which you referred a customer who bought products worth $125. Any future order that your personally referred customer makes will earn you a 10% commission, and in this case, it will be $12.5. That customer is tied to you for life so as long they buy; you will earn a 10% commission of the total cost of their order.

Remember you only get a 10% commission on Customers you personally referred only.

We will see how you will earn from your personally referred promoters in the subsequent examples. Products purchased by personally sponsored promoters account for the PSV and GSV of a promoter which are a requirement to earn a commission.

Fourth way you make Money with QuiAri: team commissions

This is based on the two-legged compensation structure: left and right legs. Promoters build a team by placing new team members either on the left or right leg.

Remember, these commissions are based on the SV generated by all promoters under you. This is where it gets exciting because you leverage the teams efforts. Remember, promoters under you have their personally referred customers and promoters. Collectively, all the SV of promoters under you make up the GSV which is used to calculate team commissions.

For every cycle on each leg that amounts to 200 SV, you earn a commission of $20. However, it is important to appreciate that SV on each leg will NOT be equal all the times. One leg will outperform the other. If in any case the SV on a given leg does not amount to 200 SV at the time of calculating the commission, the SV is carried forward and will be used in the next cycle.

There are five product packages and their SV’s:

  • Lifestyle pack that costs $500 which is equivalent to 300 SV.
  • Starter pack that costs $250 which is equivalent to 150 SV.
  • KickStart pack that costs $125 which is equivalent to 75 SV.
  • QuiAri shake (28 serving) that costs $80 which is equivalent to 50 SV.
  • QuiAri shake (14 serving) that costs $42 which is equivalent to 25 SV.
  • QuiAri Energy/tabs (60 tabs) that costs $45 which is equivalent to 50 SV.

But it is important to note that you must REMAIN ACTIVE if the carried forward SV is to be used in the next cycle of commission calculation. Commission calculation is a continuous process thus emphasizing the importance of being active always. Remaining Active means you need to accumulate 50 PSV every month.

Besides, team commissions are capped at $50000 per week.

What Happens If You Become Inactive? If, at any time, you allow your Business Center to become inactive for a period of 60 days, all Sales Volume will be erased. The volume will begin at 0 when your Business Center is reactivated. Please remember that you must meet sales requirements at all times in order to qualify for commissions.

In order to stay safe, activate auto-delivery so that your products amount to 50 PSV is shipped every month.

Besides, remember, the bigger the team, the bigger total commissions you will get. So go ahead and build a solid and ACTIVE team. Active here is twofold: (1) your team members should attract customers/promoters and (2) activate auto-delivery.

Fifth way you make Money with QuiAri: matching bonus

In the previous example, you earn team commissions from the GSV of your team irrespective of whether the person under you was sponsored by you or not.

A matching bonus is a commission you earn from the team commissions of the promoters you personally sponsored and the percentage you earn depends on your rank as shown below:

For example, you personally sponsored Tom whose team earn him a commission of $1000. You will earn a commission from Tom’s commissions (earnings) depending on your rank. This is why you must do everything possible to make your promoter succeed because if they make money, you will make money too.

The first five ways of earning from QuiAri are paid instantly (on the same day).

Sixth way you make Money with QuiAri: speed bonus

This is another exciting way to make money with QuAiri.

Want to potentially earn more than $1000 USD in your first 30 days, including a one-time $500 USD Speed Bonus? Just stay Active and qualified, building excitement as you share QuiAri’s amazing products. Then, generate 1000 SV (Sales Volume) on product purchases from personally sponsored Customers and Promoters in your first 30 days. Keep in mind, you and those sponsored Customers and Promoters must be on AutoDelivery with a minimum of 50 PSV to qualify. The Speed Bonus is evaluated on day 31 of your membership, and it will be paid out instantly with Same Day Pay.

Check the figure below for further explanation.

There you have it. These are the simple ways you can make money with QuiAri. Go ahead and build your team. Not joined yet? Join here.

QuiAri pays via VISA Card or Paypal. They are working on other payment methods.

How to Join QuiAri

Simply go to the Join/sign up page.

Choose whether you want to join as a promoter or customer. I personally recommend you join as a promoter and take advantage of the 6 ways of making money with QuiAri.

If you sign up as a customer, you will need to purchase at least one product for your account to be created. Always remember to use the ID of the person who sponsored you when joining QuiAri. You can use my Sponsor ID: 90786880. It will save you big time.

It is FREE to join as a promoter.

Simply fill in your details and choose the option ‘I do not want to purchase products at the moment’.

What you get when you sign up as a promoter:

  • Free website and marketing tools (auto responder and lead capture pages).
  • Same day pay.
  • 6 ways to make money.

Go ahead and join, what are you waiting for?

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