90-Day Kickstart Challenge

Looking for a Steady and Sure Way to Lose Weight? The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is for you.

Join our 90-day kickstart challenge and our global community of weight loss enthusiasts. Losing weight cannot be attained overnight, but requires a consistent step by step process and that is why the 90-day kickstart challenge comes in. It can have a mental toll on you if you do it alone. However, by joining a community of others working on the same goals as you, you’re likely to push through and get the desired weight loss results.

90-DAY Kick-start challenge
A community of weight loss enthusiasts working on their goal in the 90-day challenge.

What is the 90-DAY Kick-start Challenge? The Power of Maqui Berry Benefits

This is a powerful global weight loss movement engineered by QuiAri Inc. an American health and wellness company. The 90-day kickstart challenge is based on the superior benefits of Maquix, a powerful maqui-berries extract that has a host of health benefits including promoting weight loss.

90-day challenge
Join the community

This is a two-step process that you do every day for 90 days. Get the full details here.

Weight Gain and Aging

Weight gain is associated with aging. This can be attributed to a number of factors.

  1. You’re Experiencing Age-Related Muscle Loss:

The amount of lean muscle we have naturally begins to decline by 3 to 8 percent per decade after age 30.

You may also lose muscle if you’re less active due to age-related health conditions, such as arthritis, or if you’ve been sidelined with, say, an injury or surgery for several days.

2. You’re Undergoing Normal Hormonal Changes.

Both men and women undergo changes in hormone levels as part of aging that help explain why, according to CDC data, middle age is prime time for putting on pounds.

3. Your Metabolism Is Slower Than Before

That decrease in muscle mass is likely to slow your metabolism, a complex process that converts calories into energy. Having more fat and less muscle reduces calorie burning. What’s more, many people become less active with age, which also slows your metabolism. 

4. You’re More Sedentary and More Stressed

By the time you’ve reached your forties and fifties, your career is likely in full swing, which while great can pose a few weight loss challenges. For one, you’re likely moving less.

You may commute an hour or so to and from work, sit at a desk for eight or more hours a day, and have so much on your plate that there’s no time to go for a walk or exercise during the workday.

5. You’re Experiencing Major Lifestyle Changes.

Some of the reasons for weight gain in middle age have nothing to do with what’s happening inside your body and everything to do with the way life changes as people enter their thirties. One of the biggest changes comes when you start a family.

Suddenly, the hour you spent at the gym after work is spent with your toddler at home. And later, your child’s after-school time is filled with play dates, homework, and other activities that require your attention.

“You do not seem to have time anymore for yourself”. As a result, your diet and exercise intentions might slip, causing a few pounds to creep on.

These are the reasons why you need the 90-day kick start challenge to help you live and feel better. Getting started.